Commit 6f9f4d6c authored by Wolfgang's avatar Wolfgang

Update dts api main

parent 47e0c557
......@@ -71,7 +71,10 @@ declare function local:import($uri as xs:string, $id as xs:string, $toTemp as xs
let $dtsConfig := map {
"app-root": $config:app-root,
"dts-collections": $config:dts-collections,
"dts-page-size": $config:dts-page-size
"dts-page-size": $config:dts-page-size,
"default-odd": $config:default-odd,
"view": $config:default-view,
"template": $config:default-template
let $preview := request:get-parameter("preview", ())
let $import := request:get-parameter("import", ())
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