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Updated change log

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......@@ -11,7 +11,16 @@
<note>Generated apps may fail after updating. Run .../myapp/modules/lib/regenerate.xql in browser or eXide once
to update your ODDs.</note>
<change version="2.7.0">
<change version="2.8.0">
<ul xmlns="">
<li>Update for compatibility with eXist 5.0</li>
<li>Improve naming of template functions to avoid wrong calls</li>
<li>Add target parameter for behaviour link</li>
<li>Add TEI output mode and module for transforming docx to TEI</li>
<li>Rename link parameter for behaviour link to "uri" for spec compliance; support old "link" as fallback</li>
<change version="2.7.0">
<ul xmlns="">
<li>Fix loading of external CSS from relative path</li>
<li>HTML output: if a label is defined for a note or list item, output it directly. Adds "n" parameter to listItem.</li>
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