Commit 96c4b252 authored by Wolfgang's avatar Wolfgang

feature(docx): add optional tei_attributes parameter to inline expecting a list of key=value pairs

parent 5d7c8432
......@@ -121,12 +121,27 @@ declare function pmf:note($config as map(*), $node as node(), $class as xs:strin
declare function pmf:inline($config as map(*), $node as node(), $class as xs:string+, $content, $optional as map(*)) {
if (map:contains($optional, "tei_element")) then
element { QName("", $optional?tei_element) } {
pmf:apply-children($config, $node, $content)
pmf:apply-children($config, $node, $content)
declare %private function pmf:copy-attributes($args as xs:string*) {
if (exists($args)) then
for $arg in $args
let $ana := analyze-string($arg, '^(.*?)\s*=\s*(.*)\s*$')
try {
attribute { $ana//fn:group[1]/string() } { $ana//fn:group[2]/string() }
} catch * {
declare function pmf:text($config as map(*), $node as node(), $class as xs:string+, $content) {
$content ! (
typeswitch (.)
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