Revert "release 3.0.0: Fix backward compatibility for eXist >=5.x.x"

This reverts commit b2b67b51
parent 07599870
# artifacts
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package xmlns="" name="" abbrev="tei-publisher-lib" version="3.0.0" spec="1.0">
<package xmlns="" name="" abbrev="tei-publisher-lib" version="2.8.0" spec="1.0">
<title>TEI Publisher: Processing Model Libraries</title>
<dependency processor="" semver-min="3.6.0"/>
<dependency package=""/>
......@@ -11,20 +11,6 @@
<note>Generated apps may fail after updating. Run .../myapp/modules/lib/regenerate.xql in browser or eXide once
to update your ODDs.</note>
<change version="3.0.0">
<ul xmlns="">
<strong>Update for backward compatibility of older eXist versions:</strong><br/>
This library will be supported by eXist v5.x.x and lower now.
<strong>Increment release number:</strong><br/>
Last release v2.8.0 introduced breaking changes by using new functions for the `docx` module that are only supported by eXist 5.x.x versions and thus introduced a dependency to eXist 5.x.x. <br/>
This release resolves the dependency by handling both new and deprecated functions.<br/>
Therefore, this release indicates a major change by incrementing the version number according to the semver pattern.
<change version="2.8.0">
<ul xmlns="">
<li>Update for compatibility with eXist 5.0</li>
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