Commit 41892f4d authored by Wolfgang's avatar Wolfgang

fix(pb-popover): use effect. boolean value for optional parameter persistent

parent d6eb29ce
......@@ -327,16 +327,14 @@ declare function pmf:alternate($config as map(*), $node as node(), $class as xs:
if ($config?parameters?webcomponents) then
let $id := counters:increment($pmf:ALTERNATE_COUNTER_ID)
<pb-popover class="alternate {$class}" id="altref_{$id}">
{map:for-each($optional, function($key, $value) {
case xs:boolean return
if ($value) then attribute { $key } { $key } else ()
default return
attribute { $key } { $value }
if (boolean($optional?persistent)) then
attribute persistent { "persistent" }
<span class="default"> {pmf:apply-children($config, $node, $default)}</span>
<span class="alternate" slot="alternate">{pmf:apply-children($config, $node, $alternate)}</span>
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