Commit ed1db452 authored by Magdalena Turska's avatar Magdalena Turska
parents 2615a888 0e647dd0
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
<p>Switch between a diplomatic and normalized view of the text by passing a parameter to the ODD, which can be
used in processing model rules to distinguish view modes. In the example below, the normalized view omits the original
line endings and expands abbreviations.</p>
<pb-toggle-feature name="dipl" parameter="mode" on="diplomatic" off="norm">Diplomatic View</pb-toggle-feature>
<pb-toggle-feature name="mode" on="diplomatic" off="norm">Diplomatic View</pb-toggle-feature>
<pb-view id="view1" src="document1" view="single" xpath="//text[@type='source']"></pb-view>
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