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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?teipublisher template="dantiscus.html" odd="dantiscus2.odd" view="page"?>
<TEI xmlns="">
<title>Mauritius Ferber to Ioannes Dantiscus, 1528, Heilsberg</title>
<title type="s">Correspondence of Ioannes Dantiscus</title>
<editor>Anna Skolimowska</editor>
<editor>Magdalena Turska</editor>
<editor>Katarzyna Jasińska-Zdun</editor>
<publisher>Laboratory For Editing Sources, "Artes Liberales", University of
<msDesc type="primary">
<idno>AB, A 1, No. 191, f. 83v</idno>
<p>office copy in Latin, in secretary's hand</p>
<msDesc type="secondary">
<institution>B. PAU-PAN</institution>
<idno>8246 (TK 8), f. 39</idno>
<p>register in Polish, 20th-century</p>
<bibl type="print">
<title>AT 10 No. 468</title>, p. 448 (in extenso)
<correspAction type="sent">
<persName ref="IDPe32" ana="from">Mauritius Ferber</persName>
<persName ref="IDPe1" ana="to">Ioannes Dantiscus</persName>
<placeName ref="IDPl1" cert="low">Heilsberg</placeName>
<date notAfter="1528-12-04" cert="low">1528-12-[02] – 1528-12-[04]</date>
<person xml:id="IDPe1">
<persName>Ioannes Dantiscus</persName>
<note> (<hi>Johannes von Höfen, Ioannes de Curiis, Jan Dantyszek, Johannes Flachsbinder</hi>) (*1485 – †1548-10-27),
diplomat, neo-Latin poet and traveller; 1504 royal scribe; 1507 referendary for Prussian affairs at the court of Sigismund Jagiellon;
1508-1513 royal envoy to Prussian towns and to the Prussian assemblies; 1515 secretary of the Polish legation at the imperial court;
in 1516-1532 envoy in the service of the king of Poland Sigismund Jagiellon and emperors Maximilian and Charles V of Habsburg;
1529 Kulm canon; 1530-1537 bishop of Kulm; 1537-1548 bishop of Ermland</note>
<person xml:id="IDPe32">
<persName>Mauritius Ferber</persName>
<note> (*1471 – †1537), since 1507 Ermland and Lubeck Canon; since 1514 Trier Canon;
1512-1515 parish priest of the Peter and Paul Church in Gdańsk;
since 1516 Ermland Custos and parish priest of the Blessed Virgin Mary's church in Gdańsk;
since 1519 Dorpat Canon; since 1523 Revel Canon; 1523-1537 Bishop of Ermland</note>
<place xml:id="IDPl1">
<note>(<hi>Lidzbark Warmiński, Heilsberga</hi>), town in Ermland, the main seat of the Bishops of Ermland</note>
<div type="header">
<pb n="AAWO, AB, A. 1, f. 83v" facs="img:16775_000_IDL10AAWO_AB_A1f083v.JPG"/>
<persName ref="IDPe1">Ioanni Flachsbinder</persName>
<div type="salutation">
<p> Reverende Domine, amice plurimum honorande. </p>
<div type="main_content">
<seg type="incipit">Non mediocrem accepimus voluptatem, cum Dominationis Vestrae
in has communis</seg> patriae nostrae oras reditum cognovissemus. Quem illi
inter tanta viarum ac turbulentiarum, quibus totus ferme orbis Christianus
concutitur, discrimina salvum et incolumem evenisse gratulamur. Quem hic quoque
fortunarum ac omnis felicitatis successus ut excipiat, optamus. Ad quod, si quid
vel nostro calculo adicere poterimus, ut singulare ad nos refugium habeat,
volumus, certoque sibi persuadeat, in eo, quod vel ad honoris vel dignitatis
cumulum Reverendae Dominationi Vestrae accedere possit, operam nostram non
defuturam. Eandem Reverendissimam Dominationem Vestram bene valere cupimus. </p>
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.toc-toggle {
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