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<para>TEI Publisher runs on top of the <link xlink:href="">eXist XML database</link>. It is distributed as an eXist application
package, making it easy to install on any local or remote eXist database instance. If you do not want to install eXist yourself, you may alternatively
use the provided docker image as described below.</para>
<title>Installing into an eXist instance</title>
<para>Just go to the dashboard, open the package manager and install the TEI Publisher application package from the public repository. Required
dependencies will be installed automatically. </para>
<para>You need at least <link xlink:href="">eXist 3.6.0</link> to run the latest version of TEI Publisher. eXist's package manager
<para>You need at least <link xlink:href="">eXist 5.0.0 RC8</link> to run the latest version of TEI Publisher. eXist's package manager
will not show you the newest version of TEI Publisher unless your eXist version meets the requirements.</para>
<para>After installing you will find the TEI Publisher icon on your dashboard. Click on it to open the starting page of the TEI Publisher.</para>
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<para>Have a look at the docker documentation and <link xlink:href="">cheatsheet</link> for more commands.</para>
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