Commit a5ca66f7 authored by Wolfgang's avatar Wolfgang

Use single-page png instead of pdf for facsimile

parent 24a35d60
Pipeline #294 failed with stages
......@@ -15,8 +15,9 @@ declare function pmf:init($config as map(*), $node as node()*) {
declare function pmf:facsimile-links($config as map(*), $node as node(), $class as xs:string+) {
let $pages := $config?metadata?data?pagesCount
for $page in 1 to xs:integer($pages)
let $pages := xs:integer($config?metadata?data?pagesCount)
for $page in 0 to $pages - 1
let $pagePart := if ($pages > 1) then "-" || $page else ()
<pb-facs-link facs="{$config?metadata?data?id}.pdf"></pb-facs-link>
<pb-facs-link facs="{$config?metadata?data?id}{$pagePart}.png"></pb-facs-link>
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